Thursday, October 30, 2014

New Release: Shopping is Murder

The 6th instalment in the McKinley Mystery series is here!

Here's the overview for Shopping is Murder:

Shopping takes its toll… 

Sean and Sara have had just about enough shopping when screams fill the mall. A man has fallen—or was he pushed—to his death from the second level. 

His widow is a childhood friend of Sara's and she's adamant her husband would never jump. With mall security dropping the ball and no seeming motive for murder, Sean and Sara are about to give up when one clue gets them that much closer. It may just be enough to wrap up everything in time for the holidays. 

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Shopping is Murder -- An #Excerpt

I am excited to announce that Shopping is Murder has already reached best-selling lists on Amazon for Cozy Mysteries and Private Investigators! :D  THANK YOU readers! 

It's official release date is October 30th. 

Here is an excerpt of Shopping is Murder, Chapter 1:

Shopping ’Til It Hurts

SARA LOVED THE HOLIDAYS, BUT she was one “Silent Night” away from running out of the mall in search of a glass of cognac. She glanced over at Sean. He was weighed down with their spoils and trailed along beside her—bags over both shoulders, boxes perched precariously under his arms.

The odd capture of his facial expression, including the pressed-on smile, made it clear that he was beyond ready to call it a day. He was pushing through for her. Maybe it wouldn’t have been such a bad idea to forego the deals of Black Friday. After all, it’s not like money was a concern.

Sean had tried to reason with her about the crowds, but she refused to listen. He even suggested hiring someone to take care of the shopping. She hadn’t considered his suggestion, opting for the personal touch of buying the gifts for family and friends themselves.

“That’s not something you delegate.” The statement was meant in sincerity—at the time. Now she was asking herself what she’d been thinking, and it was obvious she hadn’t been.

“Just one more stop, darling,” she said in an effort to reassure him the retail torture was almost over.

“Isn’t that what you said a few ago now?”

“I know, darling, but it’s important to me.” She led him into a lingerie shop.

“And to think, I was going to say one more store, I might kill myself.” He smiled at her as she dropped the packages she carried and reached for a silk number on a storefront display rack.

Sara let the strap of the negligee slip from her fingers. “You would think, of all places, you’d be happy in here.”

“That’s why I said I was going to say.” He came up close behind her, his warm breath cascading across her neck. “Why are we doing all of this today anyway? We’ve been at it for hours already.”

“I just want to get everything in one swoop.”


She nodded.

“Christmas gifts for your family, our friends at PD, Jimmy, Adam. You plan on buying for everyone today?” He adjusted the bags he held.

“Don’t forget the new friends we met in Europe.”

“Ah, yes, how could I forget Leo and Valerie?”

“And Pierre.” She offered a smile.

“Of course.”

Leo and Valerie ran a bed and breakfast in France called La Villa Château. They’d met them on a day trip into the countryside, when they’d happened into the quaint B&B.

Pierre was the couple’s quirky friend who had shown up years ago and never left. They had ended up hiring him and never looked back. He was an excellent chef and had proven to be a tremendous asset to their marketing campaign.

Pierre had given Sara recipes and pointers to take back home with her. She had tried a couple, but they never turned out the way they had when she worked by Pierre’s side. She wondered if Sean would dare gift her cooking lessons—she’d never seemed to arrange for any herself.

She smiled over at him.


“It’s just that you’re being so good about all of this.”

He blinked and turned his head to the right, his jaw angled slightly upward. He was trying to hide his guilt, but she could see through it. “Yes, I know you’ve been whining.”

“Me? Whining? No—”

Horrific screams reached into the store, drowning out the holiday merriment spreading over the speakers.

Sara raced out of the store, knowing from her days as a cop they could only mean one thing—someone was dead.

Shopping is Murder is one of October's Book of the Month picks.
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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Release Day! Madison Knight Returns in Just Cause

Madison Knight is back in what reviewers are describing as an "exciting police procedural adventure that will leave you turning the pages" and "a gripping, emotional roller coaster."

A cold case pits Madison against the Russian Mafia, but things take a swift turn when the unthinkable happens--a new threat arises and has Madison hunting down an unknown killer.

While trying to make sense of the clues, bodies are piling up, and the brass is hungry for explanations. In addition, Madison must balance all of this while nursing an injury, talking out her emotions with a therapist--a bureaucratic necessity--answering to an eager journalist, and facing an internal affairs investigation.

As the answers come together, Madison narrows in on a possible link between the Russian Mafia and someone within the Stiles PD.

Will she have the courage to confront the person she believes is playing both sides, even though they hold a position of great power?

Things are about to be shaken up, and, for Madison, that means she just might have to let go of the past to embrace her future.

JUST CAUSE is now available from: 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

On a Budget? A New Way to Read My Books for Less

As an avid reader, the cost of books can really add up. You love to support your favorite author but can't always afford to the get the latest release. Sometimes you have to wait weeks or months even though you'd love to dig into the book right away.

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The list of possibilities is endless.

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Madison Knight is Missing #SampleSunday

Excerpt from JUST CAUSE (A Madison Knight Novel), Chapter TWO

She must have bailed on him again. She seemed to have an aversion to paperwork and had crafted her avoidance of it down to a fine art.

“See Madison yet today?” Terry asked Ranson at the front desk.

Ranson shook her head. “I haven’t. You check with the sarge? Maybe she called in sick.”

Terry laughed. The thought of calling in over the stomach flu wouldn’t even occur to Madison. She’d come in and puke in the garbage can before she’d succumb to a bug. Besides, he believed most infections and bacteria were afraid of her.

He pulled out his phone and dialed her cell. It rang several times before putting him to voice mail. “Where are you? I’m not doing all the reports.” He hung up, but had a hard time dismissing the feeling in his gut. Something was wrong. When she had ditched him in the past, she was upfront about it.

He tried her again and this time it rang straight to voice mail. He dialed her house and got her machine. He was left with one person—Cynthia. She was head of the crime lab and friends with Madison. She answered on the third ring.

“Have you heard from Maddy?” he asked.

“No, should I have?”

“She hasn’t come in. It’s not unlike her to be late, but not this late. Add to that, I can’t—”

“You can’t reach her?”

He hated it when people finished his sentences for him. Madison did it periodically, and his wife, but outside of those two women, it really wasn’t acceptable.

“Like you said, she can be late. Maybe she just slept in. She’s done that before.”

Maybe he was being paranoid, but the fact he couldn’t reach her nagged at him.

Then, as if Cynthia could read his mind, she said, “She’s a tough girl. She can take care of herself.”

“I just have a feeling something isn’t right.”

“She’s rubbing off on you.”

He detected Cynthia’s smile over the phone. “Not sure if it’s for the better.”

“Maddy? Definitely.”

“No answer on her cell or at her home.”

“All right, that is weird.”

“What’s she up to?” The tone in Cynthia’s voice had tipped him off, causing him to ask the question. She was withholding something due to her friendship with Madison. “Is she digging into that cold case of hers again?”

Chills went through him as his thoughts turned dark. Had Madison’s vendetta with the Russian Mafia gone too far? The hairs rose on the back of his neck. “Tell me everything you know.”

“Do you think she’s okay? Now, you’re getting me worked up, and I’m typically a balanced individual.”

“Cynthia, I need you to focus. What was the most recent thing she had you look into?”

“Well, it was a bit ago now. Months even. But she had a…”

“Had a what?”

“If you would have let me finish.” Irritation laced each of her words. “She had an envelope she wanted run against the piece found in the attorney’s driveway.”

“All right, I remember her mentioning it, but she’s nuts. She’s after them because of a stationary match?”

“I don’t know for sure, but that part doesn’t matter. We’ve got to find her—but what makes you think they’re the reason she’s not in?”

“I’ve gotta go.” Terry hung up and made a few phone calls. He checked in with the kennel that took care of Hershey during the day. They said she didn’t come in last night to pick him up and never called.

He stormed into the sergeant’s office. “Madison’s missing.”

Winston pried his attention from his paperwork as if it were more riveting than his detective’s latest drama. “Missing?”

“I believe so, yes. She’s not answering her phone, either her mobile or home number. Her dog was left at the kennel overnight without her so much as making a call to them to explain.”

Winston watched him intently. “That’s not like her.”

“No, it’s not. She lives for this job. If she’s not here, it’s because she can’t be. I’ve got a bad feeling.”

“Go by her apartment. I’ll get out an APB on her car.”

JUST CAUSE is available for pre-order from AmazonBarnes & NobleApple, and Kobo. Its official release date is October 16, 2014.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Meet Halie Davenport

My name is Halie Davenport. I’m a student at the University of Richmond. In terms of the world, I’m a nobody. It’s my father who is important. He’s the mayor of Albany, New York. That’s right, nothing like being under the microscope for everything I do. Let’s just say that for the most part I’m happy my parents are there, while I am here. There’s something to be said for having distance from the parents. Somehow, the little things they do—like parenting—are more bearable this far away.

Anyway, life was never dull, but it wasn’t a riot either, until the day I got bound to this chair. I'm not sure if it has to do with something going on at school, or if it ties back to Dad. I just hope somebody hurries up, though. I hate the dark and I’m starving.

Find out more of Halie's story in Politics is Murder, a McKinley Mystery.


Here's the overview:

For Sean and Sara, a local television interview turns into a high-profile investigation. The host's niece has gone missing, but the girl isn't just anyone, she's the daughter of Albany's mayor.

Not knowing whether she's run away, been kidnapped—or worse—murdered, Sean and Sara set out to get the answers. It will have them using all the resources at their disposal. 

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Friday, September 26, 2014

A Mystery/Thriller Bundle – You Name the Price

You’ll want to download this mystery bundle before the offer disappears! Not only do you decide what you’re going to pay for the books, you can allocate a portion to charity.

There are 8 available titles and they include authors who have reached the New York Times or USA Today Bestseller lists or are mainstays of Amazon's bestseller lists. You’ll also find an impressive variety of protagonists and situations, but all continue to deliver beyond the initial punch with stories that get readers invested and continually turning the pages. From rogue detectives to tough-as-nails cops, a mother whose son has been kidnapped to rookies meant for something more, struggling FBI agents to savvy criminal investigators, special ops to private eyes, there's only one conclusion to draw: the criminals out there don't know what they're up against.

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